If you think that why did I made the cheesy tittle, it’s because I am very very much happy that I can open this historical blog on my desktop, AGAIN.

Previously, me and any other people can’t reach this address for three years because the owner of this blog – which is me – was rather dumb to let this domain – which already named with get expired and unrenewable. Because of what? because I forgot to pay the renewal bill!

It doesn’t mean that wordpress had not reminded me about the bill, of course they were. But because three years ago I’m in the middle of my thesis, I had 7-5 job, mother of two, and a professor in procrastination, of course I tossed them away. Phew.

As a person who can’t live without writing something, getting frustrated and broken hearted with this blog, I already made a new blog named Bonadapa, and It’s quite amazing. I love my new blog, but still, as a historical blog, Toelanksingo is un-replaceable with any other blog. Until 5 minutes ago I was thinking how can I get it back, and Alhamdulillah I had clicked the right button!

OMG How I Miss this blog so much!

In the mean time, let me do many things about this blog, and It will be aired soon with a fresh new look.

So, see you around on the next post! 🙂



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